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Future of Glyphosate and Glyphosate-Tolerant Crop Systems, Chemicals America, September 5, 2019.

Glyphosate-Resistant Crops, Invited review for a special Issue of Reviews and Environmental Contamination and Toxicology


Evolution or Revolution in the Marketplace: Generic, Proprietary, Somewhere in Between or Something Different?, Specialty and Agro Chemicals America, September 6, 2018. 

Drift, Dose, and Non-Target Organisms, ACS Symp. Series. 1249:25-45 and presented at the 250th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Boston, MA.

The Rise and Future of Flyphosate and Glyphosate-Resistant Crops. Pest Manag. Sci. and presented at the 251st American Chemical Society Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

New Technologies Wanted! Herbicides and Herbicide-Tolerant Crops Are Not Enough. Chemicals America, Charleston, SC.

Sometimes When You Lose, You Win. AgAir Update (November).

Adjuvants. AgAir Update (October).

Those Darn Difficult-to-Control Drought-Stressed Weeds. AgAir Update (September).

Big Drop, Little Drop and the Role of Deposition and Retention Aids. AgAir Update (August).

10 Ways to Reduce Drift Complaints. AgAir Update (July).

How Many Things Can We Mix in One Application? AgAir Update (June).

Six Things You Must Know When Applying Pesticides AgAir Update (May).

Big drop, little drop and drift mitigation adjuvants AgAir Update (April).

Battling with pests and only pests AgAir Update (March).

Spray low, but not too low AgAir Update (February).

Now is the time to determine what adjuvants you need AgAir Update (January).

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